SIMM Associates is proud to announce the deployment of a new online Compliance Management System as part of our continual commitment to enhance the services we offer to creditors. After evaluating multiple options, ComplyARM Dashboard was selected for encompassing more than complaint tracking, and for offering a complete compliance management solution including vendor management, licensing, insurance, certifications and other benefits.

“We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology,” said Chief Operating Officer Jeff Simendinger.  “Dashboard gives us a simple way to track, analyze and report on our compliance events. Our clients can access essential compliance information directly from an online portal, and consumers can provide feedback through the portal integrated into our website. We see a significant value in deploying Dashboard and this is an opportunity to improve the experience for consumers and our clients.”

ComplyARM Dashboard is a unique compliance management system that creates a collaborative tool for agencies, clients and other partners to work together to document and resolve compliance issues. Dashboard includes effective workflow tools to collect feedback directly from consumers, investigate and respond to the consumer for quick resolutions.

“Dashboard improves our compliance tracking beyond consumer events” said Compliance Manager, Ashley Ramos. “We use Dashboard to manage our licensing, insurance and membership tracking. It gives us an easy way to keep everything perpetually up to date.”

“It has been a pleasure working with SIMM Associates to further enhance our product,” said ComplyARM Partner, Adam Parks. “Their extensive operational insight has helped us to see our system from an agency perspective which gives us the ability to develop and add relevant features to improve the experience of all our users.