Digital-first Collections

Issuers and healthcare providers are faced with choices between digital and traditional agencies, when what they need is the best of both. SIMM Associates is an industry leader leveraging digital engagement focused on consumer experience. Consumers feel empowered to react and respond on their own terms in their channel of choice which includes SMS, email and webchat.


Our strategy is designed to dynamically update treatments, meeting consumers along their journey. The goal is to reach the right consumer at the right time, through the right channel, with the right message to both influence payment behavior and provide a digital experience that empowers consumers to be part of a successful lasting financial relationship. To achieve this result, we use a rigorously scientific, data-driven, and learning-based multi-channel strategy that is centered around digital outbound messaging. We have a team of representatives who manage and monitor all inbound digital communications. The team uses pre-approved canned responses to communicate with consumers whom have responded to our digital outreach.

You portfolio is segmented and then assigned specific treatments. The results are analyzed and measured to determine key performance metrics such as open rates, click rates, payer rates, inbound calls and opt out rates. The goal is a customized contact strategy for each persona across the delinquency timeframe. Our core strength within our digital outreach is utilizing analytics and modeling to drive performance.

After messages are sent, we begin tracking the consumer response we receive in the form of email opens, email and text clicks, payments, inbound calls, or any other digital response on the payment platform / self-servicing portal that can inform us about the consumer’s willingness and ability to engage