Probate / Deceased Recovery Solutions

SIMM Associates offers recovery services to assist creditors with managing the probate process while providing the consumers’ survivors with empathetic solutions to the circumstances.

Proprietary Processes

SIMM Associates is able to manage the entire probate recovery process for our clients allowing them to leverage our specialized staff and tools. Our robust account management platform provides inventory management tools, customized reporting and automates much of this specialized recovery process. Our management platform integrates with our proprietary Probate Tracker electronic claim filing application to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of recovery efforts.

Empathetic Approach to Probate / Deceased

Our Probate Care Specialists are highly trained in the complications associated with probate / deceased recovery and assist customers’ families and estate managers with quickly resolving the process. Our specialists help the responsible parties take actions toward the resolution of the accounts with an elevated sensitivity to brand and other risks associated with the probate / deceased recovery process.

Client Experience

Probate / deceased collections are a challenging process for those that are unfamiliar. SIMM Associates provides professional people and proven processes to improve the experience for our creditor clients and their customers. We pride ourselves on offering an empathetic approach that has been proven to improve financial performance from this account segment.

Elderly happy couple looking in the laptop screen