First Party Servicing

SIMM Associates provides First Party Customer Service management solutions. Our First Party Service solutions are customized engagements to enhance our clients’ customer servicing capacity.

Customer Service Experience

SIMM Associates provides expanded call center capacities and specialized training that enables us to add value to our creditor partners and increase their customer service capacity. We understand what is needed to help consumers meet their needs while satisfying their financial obligations. Our team customizes each first party customer service engagement based on the specific needs of the client.

Benefits of First Party Outsourcing

We offer clients a reduction in the labor and overhead costs associated with building an internal collection department with increased financial performance. SIMM Associates provides creditors with access to industry leading technologies and processes developed through our more than 30 years of accounts receivable management experience to protect against brand risks.

Creditors that use SIMM Associates for first party servicing benefit from the flexibility to quickly scale to their needs. We provide professional employees trained specifically in the handling of first party collections to improve performance and reduce risk.

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