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For your convenience and security, please access our consumer portal to manage your account.

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Consumer Resources

SIMM Associates provides financial education resources for consumers to improve their knowledge of personal finance.

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Recovery Services

We customize the experience for each client based on their needs by integrating with existing systems and processes.

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About SIMM Associates

SIMM Associates has the people, processes and technology needed to provide successful and compliant account servicing for our clients.

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Collections with a Focus on Customer Service

SIMM Associates has more than 30 years experience assisting creditors with recovering value from accounts receivable. We understand the importance of protecting the value of our clients’ brand. We are an extension of our clients’ business that can be confidently trusted to provide award-winning, compliant collection account servicing.

We maintain a high level of standards and practices. We ensure all of our team members are sufficiently trained on applicable laws, rules and regulations. We go above and beyond legal requirements, and have created our own SIMM Associates Code of Ethics to expand upon these requirements, holding our team to the highest expectations.

Our team of highly trained professionals listens carefully, and educates consumers about their available options for account resolution. We treat consumers with respect and dignity, balancing sensitivity with a recovery approach that yields results for both our clients and their consumers.

Probate Information

During this trying time SIMM Associates and our staff is available to help you navigate through the probate process.

30 days to better customer service, using a professional call center and real-time analytics to improve ROI

Customer Service & Sales Call Center

SIMM Associates offers customizable call center solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Through our extensive call center experience, we have developed the infrastructure, people and training needed to provide top-quality customer sales and support representatives.
Our recent whitepaper “30 Days to Better Customer Service” offers insight into how we have solved call center solutions for other clients.

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