Protecting data from cyber attacks is the responsibility of all those with access to that information. At SIMM Associates, we pride ourselves on our technical infrastructure and data security protocols that help to keep information in our possession safe and secure. Our team has, and continues to make large investments in the technical infrastructure of our business for the benefit of our clients and their customers.

Data Security Certifications

SIMM Associates have earned top security certifications from recognized data security experts. These certifications have been validated through third party audits and provide a clear message regarding our commitment to keeping our data secure. To meet the qualifications of these certifications, SIMM Associates has continued to demonstrate their commitment to data security in the future.

At this time SIMM Associates has the following security certifications in place:

Disaster Recovery

SIMM Associates have developed a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure continuity of service and security in the event of an emergency. The 32,000 sqft facility in Newark, DE is equip with regularly tested backup generators, raised floors and other security countermeasures to protect against digital and physical intrusions during an emergency situation.